Comprihensive Human Resources Management Guide

The strategic management of Human Resources is the most viable way how to keep the business at a speed and gain the competitive advantage. The employees are the most dominant source of innovations, and the only resource your competitors cannot copy without the effort. The HR Tutorial is a website about modern HR management practices, finding best talents across various recruitment and staffing channels, social media in Human Resources and other vibrant HR stuff.

Employees in the West are picky nowadays (and Millennials will worsen the trend furthermore). They do not accept any job offer; they want to work the organization that offers the fair and honest corporate culture. They want to work for the company that beats its competitors and goes to market just with highly innovative products and services. They want to feel valuable and contributing to a success of the organization. They want to learn new things, and they want to enjoy their working time. They do not want to do the same job for ages; they need to see a progress in the quality of their lives. They want to see the internal equity; they want to be fully engaged.

These expectations of employees put a lot of pressure on Human Resources and line managers. Employees are not loyal anymore; they want the organization runs best HR procedures. They expect the HR agenda is full of attractive items that make a significant difference. Moreover, line managers need to continue their learning. They just cannot rely on the previous experience; they have to accept new ways of working. That is also the reason to have a complete HR Tutorial.

Main HR Challenges

Human Resources plays a critical role in the business today; it can introduce practices that are attractive to talents inside and outside the organization. The HR Manager becomes a strategic partner of business leaders. They want to share ideas, shape solutions. They want to be ahead of a curve. Leaders need to solve issues and problems before they arise. They need to keep the organization performing at an optimum pace.

The main HR challenges are:

  • competitiveness;
  • sustainability of the business and employee loyalty;
  • war for talents;
  • productivity, performance, and increasing pressure;
  • increased labor regulation.

Human Resources gains new responsibilities to deal with these critical challenges. The HR Manager or the HR Business Partner needs to gain new skills and competencies to cope with the requirement of business leaders. She needs to be ready to solve issues that were not common in the HR Business few years ago.

The HR job is not similar to the personnel management anymore. Nowadays, the HR Professional does not keep the personnel files and executes the recruitment process. She needs to work strategically; she needs to be closely attached to the strategic planning process as she can positively influence the future of the business.

The line manager is another HR challenge. Human Resources does not manage employees directly. Everything is done through line managers. They have to understand all HR policies and procedures; they must be the closest friends of HR in the business.

Strategic HR Agenda

The agenda of Human Resources needs to reflect all challenges and business requirements. The role of the HR Manager has changed dramatically over past several years. The leader expect the HR Organization to own the people management issues. She wants HR to build the long term sustainable business.

The key items in the strategic HR Agenda are:

  • Competitive Talent Acquisition;
  • Employee Engagement and Innovations;
  • Ageing Workforce and New Ways of Working;
  • Leadership and Talent Development;
  • Strategic HR Planning;
  • Workforce Planning and Productivity Improvement.

These activities should be the core HR responsibilities in the near future. The competitiveness of the organization becomes the crucial component for the development of the sustainable competitive advantage. The business requirements change dramatically and Human Resources needs to bring the strategic answers.

The predictive HR analytics will become critically important. The HR Manager without data will be a blind partner in the discussion. Today, we depend on emotions, but it will not be acceptable in the near future. All leaders will require a set of relevant data before making an important decision. Human Resources cannot afford to be a blind spot in the business.

HR Tutorial Structure

The HR Tutorial covers the strategic HR agenda, and it grows to include relevant HR best practices from different industries. Generally, the content of the HR tutorial is divided into 5 sections:

  • Competitive HR;
  • HR Processes;
  • HR Transformation;
  • HR Leadership;
  • HR Blog.

The Competitive HR is focused on the competitiveness of Human Resources. It covers the HR Strategy, HR Roles and Responsibilities, strategic management and other hot topics. This section should be always a part of a daily agenda of any HR professional.

We always design and execute HR Processes. We were not always perfect in the design of processes in the past. However, we have to run the perfect HR Process Management to ensure that our organizations stay competitive.

The HR Transformation is focused on the change management in Human Resources. It is about the journey how to build the state-of-the-art HR Organization. It does not focus just on internal HR stuff; it also covers topics for internal and external clients.

The HR Leadership is about raising talents in Human Resources. It is not covering general leadership topics; it is purely about the future of HR.

The HR Blog is the section where interesting articles and posts appear from time to time. We have no commitment to publish regularly. However, at least twice a month we will publish an opinion about the hot HR topic.