About the HR Tutorial

The only long term sustainable competitive advantage comes from Human Resources. Our HR Management practices inspire others and develop great leaders. Moreover, our people are the best assets we have. We do not have employees; we have our partners in the organization. Well, how many times have you heard sentences like that? The HR Tutorial covers the most modern HR Management policies and procedures. Topics range from the recruitment to the leadership development. The Tutorial helps to uncover many HR issues, problems, and challenges.

Human Resources is an exciting business function. It is a not a pure service provider anymore. It has changed its role to a true strategic business partner. Sure, it is not a typical case. At least, some companies run great HR functions. They deliver significant value and push leadership limits. Other businesses still try to catch. They urgently need to build their unique competitive position on the job market.

The HR Tutorial maps the best practices in Human Resources Management. It describes them so that we can inspire and learn from others. No best practice is transferable without any adjustments. On the other hand, we can design even better policy or procedure.

My HR Story

My career in Human Resources started almost 20 years ago (you can find more about me here). I joined General Electric as the HR trainee after finishing my university studies. I was focused on psychology and adult education. That is the reason that Human Resources was a natural choice for me. It was a great opportunity because GE had bought a local bank. The task for the new HR team was challenging. The team had to align all HR policies and procedures with GE Capital´s standards.

My first task was the introduction of the core performance management system. I had to design a new goal setting procedure. It was a challenging task for the fresh graduate, but I made it.

Later, I was responsible for all recruitment procedures and processes. I had to start from the scratch. I had to introduce new standards for recruitment agencies. I had to redesign the process to put in place a single point of contact. Finally, I had to develop the first career section on the bank´s website.

Honestly, I learned a lot in General Electric. It was a great start of my career. I had the opportunity to run different HR processes, and I had to connect them together.

After my first GE stop, I was working for a German bank. It was a cultural shock, and a great learning opportunity again. I spent some time implementing a new salary policy. I had a chance to realize how to liaise with managers who do not like my proposal. I had a great learning lesson in improving my negotiation skills. Later I was implementing Oracle HR. It was followed by new benefits to allow the tax optimization to employees.

After that, I started my managerial career in Compensation and Benefits. I like this area most because it combines Finance and Human Resources. I enjoyed great times, and I also had to make tough decisions during the financial crisis in 2008.

Right now I oversee the entire Human Resources, and it is a challenging experience for me, again. I like Microsoft Excel sheets and facts based discussions. Honestly, most soft discussions covering employees are backed by gut feeling, emotions, and visions. Well, I can usually translate outcomes into my lovely spreadsheets to know where I stand.

The growth of the HR Tutorial

I have my personal goal regarding the HR Tutorial. I want to achieve 100k visitors per month within three years. I have to be patient because this is my free time project. I also have other interests and duties to cover during my free time. Honestly, sometimes I am so tired I just want to play any of my favorite computer games.

I gave myself a goal to add at least four pages or articles per month, which translates into one article per week. It does not seem to be challenging, but I have the opportunity to deliver more than promised. I am sure I will struggle to give at least something at moments.

I decided to follow the pattern that I will fill one section after another. It was one of the greatest achievements so far that I created a site structure before I started to type a single page.

You do not have to return often; you will always find a list of the newest pages or articles.

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