Choosing your next HR Software. Few things to consider.

The times of monolithic HR Management Software solutions are finally over. We have more freedom to choose the HR software that suits our needs. It is also friendly to our colleagues in Finance as the implementation costs are tiny; we just pay as we use the software. We also have freedom to choose several vendors and use interfaces to utilize the full potential of all available features. We just need to keep our eyes open when choosing our next HR software solution. The range of available HR technology solutions is extremely broad; we just have to understand what fits our needs best. There is the option to choose several solution providers today. The applicant tracking system can be from one vendor and it can be interconnected with other HR systems using unified interfaces. A modern Human Resources system is focused on few features it can do best.

We need to focus on simplicity. The HR software can have thousands of users in different locations. They can access the system from homes; they can update their records from the airport. They just need to use a simple user portal that is intuitive. It cannot mislead them; it has to help and navigate. It must be useful, and all required standardized reports must be processed using few clicks. The users do not want to install any application; they want to use the Internet browser. They want to use the HR software as they use Amazon or Google. They want to access data from the desktop, iPad or Samsung Smartphone. They want to choose the time they work the personal data stored in the software.

Even HR training can be easily digitized and using benefits of modern social media. No more boring PowerPoint presentations – each training course can also entertain.

We have to keep in mind the security of the software. It has to be as open as possible; on the other hand, it has to protect all sensitive data. All users can gain the access just to data; they require for their job. The HR department has to make a choice which reports will be downloadable by whom. Many users can just see the report on the screen; just a few employees will be allowed to make a downloaded copy. A simple HR software does not mean it can be insecure. The security of the solution is a must.

Choosing HR software
Choosing HR software

We also need the flexibility of the HR software. The business changes every day; the HR software needs to be flexible to keep with changing business requirements. The HR processes and procedures are not stable; we introduce new items almost daily. We do not need a system that runs thousands of Microsoft Excel because it has no fields to include requested information. We are great in designing Excel sheets; we need to become great in creating flexible HR software solutions. The Finance Director will not be happy to spend thousands of dollars every year just to update the HR software. He will challenge Human Resources almost daily when he is not happy.

Just then… we have to consider all modern HR buzzwords like HR in the Cloud and HR Big Data. First, we have to understand what data we produce. They are usually not that big, and they do not change often. We usually run a monthly cycle like other enabling functions in the business. We can switch to daily data. However, do we need to update our data every other second? Probably not. We will not utilize HR Big Data for some time; we need smart solutions to evolve first. Also, our users do not care where data are stored; they just need to access them anytime and anywhere. They just need to be sure about the security.

You should not focus just on modern HR buzzwords; you should think about your employees. They will use the HR software, and they have to be able to finish all critical tasks in the system. Their needs have to drive the selection procedure of the new HR technology.