The next HR Transformation is coming. Now.

We are just at the beginning of the next HR Transformation. HR Big Data, Social Media, and the predictive analytics will bring another level of HR services. We will run deeply customized processes and procedures for many target groups inside organizations. We will directly influence employee engagement of specific audiences because we will be able to identify them.

HR Big Data represent a new great opportunity to improve the performance and productivity of Human Resources. Our data are once again relevant for the business; HR can provide more information than just monthly graphs about the voluntary and involuntary turnover. Together with the predictive analytics HR Big Data can identify painful spots in the organization. Conflicts and weak process points can be discovered and thoroughly discussed in the leadership team.

The predictive analytics in Human Resources is not just about a new piece of the software. It is the automated learning platform that learns from the past. Based on the solution it can also learn from experiences gained in other organizations. The cloud solutions offer new ways how HR can build a sustainable competitive advantage. They will be closely linked to the general HR Big Data implementations, and they can deliver a significant difference compared with other competitors on the market.

Next HR Transformation
Next HR Transformation

Social media gurus present the current online development as the revolution. It is not one; it is just the evolution how we communicate with each other. It does not change the content; it changes and enhances channels. Human Resources gets a very sharp knife with social media. For the first time, we can choose more options that just two we had previously – we can communicate and engage targeted audiences int eh organization and outside of it. Additionally, it is a both ways communication – it is an authentic dialog then.

The granularity of the workforce is another challenging opportunity for Human Resources. Social Media can allow employees to join groups of the common interest. They can form expert panels that can also include resources outside the organization. HR Managers can create other specific groups, and it requires almost no maintenance.

Moreover, the predictive analytics and HR Big Data can identify other specific informal teams in the business that should be heard. They can be silent, but they can be highly innovative and productive. Just their voice is not strong enough today. Can we introduce any better tool to improve employee engagement? It will not impact just a few selected groups of employees; everyone will be heard in the organization again.

The next big transformation of Human Resources begins. We had been a service center in the past. We acted as the business partner and evolved into a strategic one later. Now, we will have to individualize our processes and procedures again.

This all will lead to the transformation of Human Resources. Employees and managers will demand new tailored services provided to them. Right now we build our processes and procedures around hierarchies and social status. As a senior manager, you can decide this and that. As the employee, you can determine just a few things. That is how we work today.

This will change as organizational structures will become less relevant than they are today. We will build our processes and procedures around individuals and weakly defined target groups. It can seem like a complete mess right now, but it will positively influence employee engagement.

Human Resources will become the individualized partner as we will recognize more target audiences in the organization. Employees will expect us to know more about them. HR Big Data and Social Media are a great enabler for this next evolutionary step in the HR history. It is the next transformation.

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