Competitive HR Management

This section is about the HR competitive advantage and the competitiveness of Human Resources in general. This is the key reason why leaders invest in HR. They do not want just to run effective policies for employees; they want to run processes and procedures that help the business become more profitable and sustainable. There is no other reason why they invest scarce money and time into different HR procedures. They just believe that we will make a significant difference.

The journey of Human Resources to become the strategic partner for business leaders is not easy. We have to overcome many issues and obstacles. We have to develop the team that is proud of its skills and competencies. We need to avoid the fear of failure. We need to be courageous as a team.

The modern Human Resources Department supports the critical organizational goals and objectives. It implements the competitive HR strategy that clearly supports all aims of the leadership team. It acts as a close partner to leaders and managers in the organization. It incorporates tools and practices into a daily life of the company that allows top performers and top talents succeed in their effort.

The HR leader introduces a clear HR mission statement. It is just a sentence, but it has the power to change the way how employees and managers think about Human Resources. It gives birth to a true purpose of the HR department.

Naturally, the strategic partnership between Human Resources and the leadership team does not come at no cost. The HR team has to introduce many new procedures and processes to build the trust over time. It has to demonstrate its ability to run the strategic thinking and planning sessions. It has to deal with various HR Issues successfully.

The introduction of the strategic HR planning usually pains both HR Managers and leaders. They have to accommodate to a new way of seeing the organization. They have to accept that the people in the business prefer the stability over the significant change. However, it is the only way how to use HR as the competitive advantage. It is the journey to a competitive Human Resources.

Structure of this section

This section has a clear objective – to describe all necessary components of competitive Human Resources. It covers the foundation of the performance-based organization and how HR contributes to its development. The entire story begins with a clear HR purpose and definition (as it has changed many times during last decades, more on this topic).

It is followed by a brief description of the main HR challenges. We have to stay competitive and gain the comparative advantage against our competitors. We have to design the people management practices that employees will love and spread as the best practice in the sector. It is the content of the next chapter regarding the Strategic HR Management.

The HR Roles and Responsibilities enjoyed a dramatic shift during last years. We have evolved from the business partner into a strategic one. The change process still continues; we have to be ready to incorporate new requirements brought on the table by the leadership team.

A new HR role has the immediate impact on the HR Vision and HR Strategy. Formulating a new HR strategic vision is one of critical success factors. Most leaders are not ready to change the way how they think about Human Resources. It is time to change it. That is the key objective of the chapter.

Next, you have to set up Goals and Objectives for the new HR Organization. You cannot focus on the typical HR stuff. You need to concentrate on the strategic agenda. You have to support the business to become better than other competitors.

Linked to the HR Goals and the HR Strategy is the HR Model. You have to set up the team right to deliver all promises you have made to the leaders of the business. You have to ensure that all processes run smoothly, and the right process owner is identified, set-up and conducts all responsibilities. The management of HR procedures changes dramatically with the new HR Technology and HR Big Data coming to the scene. You also need to write new HR job descriptions.

Last, you have to make sure that your HR team uses social media. It is a new communication tool that supports the strategic HR agenda. You have to support the introduction, and you have to build a strong brand name in most relevant media.