Best HR Management Articles, week 34

Next week, the summer will start turning to the Fall (sure, the real Autumn begins on September 21st). Yeah, another week of 2016 is over. Once again, Human Resources will enter its high season. Everyone starts to think about getting back to the office. We have to think about goals and objectives again. The fall is always about catching things, projects and initiatives to be eligible for the bonus. So, there is no article about goal setting and rewards management. They will come later because the modern business requires innovative thinking and ideas in these two critical areas. This time, my selection of the best HR Management articles is about the corporate culture, wrong promotions and how to avoid them, failing diversity initiatives in large organizations and finally – success is a matter of a positive mindset.

The talent acquisition becomes hotter and hotter topic for most HR professionals. Managers and leaders open many vacancies, and Human Resources is not able to deliver top talents. In some cases, we are not able to provide anyone. The job stays posted for weeks, and nobody applies for it. The job market changes dramatically again. We usually do not understand what job applicants look for. That is the reason why I start with the recruitment and staffing issues.

What the modern job applicant looks for …

As the excellent recruitment strategy in the war for talents becomes the critical success factors, more organizations start to ask job applicants what are the essential information required to make an affirmative decision about the business. They just do not ask relevant facts and data about the organization. They want to see the company serving local communities.

Each HR professional has a different view what is critical to job applicants. You will always discover many various topics, and each business function prefers other benefits. However, everyone shares one – it is the corporate culture. We know that some companies enjoy better internal atmosphere than direct and indirect competitors. They have the advantage because employees like them. The recruitment and staffing procedures have to advertise the positives of the company. Processes must clearly state what are the fundamental values of the potential employer.

Best HR Management Articles, w34
Best HR Management Articles, w34

Human Resources has to ask all applicants what were the key reasons to apply for the role. Most candidates will talk about the need for a change in their lives. However, after a while, they will start talking about the corporate culture. They will spot what they like and what they do not value. It is a great lesson learned for HR managers.

How the wrong people get promoted …

You know the story of the guy who was great in his sales role. He was promoted to lead a small team. The results were not that perfect, but he was still one of the best. Later, he was finally promoted to become the leader of the large sales team. Moreover, he just failed in the role. We always keep promoting the wrong people.

We always expect that the expert is also a great manager and leader. Also, we always repeat this fundamental managerial mistake. However, they usually do not want to lead anyone. They want to perform and reach purely individual results. They want to achieve goals sooner than others. They do not like teamwork; they do not trust others. Human Resources usually warns the rest of the leadership team, but they have to dismiss such an employee later.

There also other reasons why the wrong people get promoted. Just read the article to find out more. It is a great story how HR managers can fail.

Corporate diversity programs do not work

A diverse team always brings richer and more creative results. Yup, diversity translates into profits. All team members have to find the agreement, and they can improve proposals coming from different backgrounds. No large multinational corporation does not support diversity. However, results of the corporate diversity programs are disappointing.

Human Resources can protect rights of particular groups of employees, but it cannot bring a successful program without the support of the leadership team. HR has to find rich recruitment sources that bring enough candidates from targeted minorities. Everyone should understand that all performance standards are the same for each employee. No excuses.

Building diverse teams is about the full commitment of the leadership team; HR has no power to push the idea through all managerial levels. Leaders have to promote the great opportunity to enrich the strategic thinking of the organization. It is their job; Human Resources has to find the best way how to hire new employees from minorities.

Winning Companies lead with a new corporate culture mindset

This is another great article about the corporate culture – one of performance and result driven organizations. Today, you cannot hide your real values and behaviors. The successful company has to keep its promises; it has to engage and empower employees to keep innovations coming. Most organizations advertise the corporate culture they want; they do not talk about the environment they have.

Winning teams do not speak of the customer-centric internal environment; they just act. They make sure all employees understand that the client is the only source of the cash. They allow employees to make exceptions to keep customers satisfied. Moreover, they promote the importance of fair and valuable internal relationships because they build the trust. These businesses have the purpose and profits in balance. They have the story why they exist and what experience they provide to customers.

They clearly value the timely delivery of results, consistent quality and tolerate occasional failures. They are friendly to new joiners, and they provide excellent induction programs. However, they do not tolerate when any employee breaks the ground rules. All staff understands what is not tolerable in the workplace. On the other hand, they promote the positive approach.

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